From GORGIE, with love 🤍

From GORGIE, with love 🤍

To tell the story of GORGIE, we need to start with a little bit about our Founder and CEO, Michelle Cordeiro Grant.

From bras to beverage

Michelle built brands for VF Corporation, Confederated, and Victoria’s Secret for decades. She adored it! She had an incredible time with fantastic teammates, but she also spent a lot of time at Victoria’s Secret trying to make change from the inside out. She witnessed how the company and bra industry had spent decades with men designing products they thought women wanted but missed the mark. Why should our bra strap adjustments be in the back, where we basically need to dislocate our shoulders to make them fit? Why was it so easy to locate a sexy push-up bra to wear for those sultry times in 3% of your life, but so hard to find a comfortable everyday bra for the other 97%?

Michelle decided to dive into this problem head on, which inspired her to launch LIVELY in 2016.

Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder and CEO of GORGIE running on a beautiful beach. She is wearing workout clothes and appears to be enjoying the scenery and her exercise.

She established the brand by listening to women and putting the community first. What was supposed to be a fun experiment ended up being a huge success, scaling to 6 retail locations across the country, over 165,000 brand ambassadors shouting from the rooftops, major retail deals with Target and Nordstrom, and eventually a major acquisition of the company.

For the next phase of her life, Michelle left her longtime home in NYC to head for warmer climates, moving to Boca Raton, Florida. Everywhere she went she saw women carrying energy drinks that just did not look right in their hands. Beautiful colors and fabrics on their outfits, but black and aggressive patterns on their cans? Make it make sense!

When she dug into it, she realized that energy drinks were going through a bit of a rebirth period. The products were still built for the CrossFit aficionados and intense gamers, but not for the moms and normal women going about their lives — even if those were the people bringing new life to the category.

And thus, a star was born!

Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder and CEO of GORGIE, smiles while holding a cup filled with a sparkling drink. The drink is GORGIE, the product that she and her team have created.

Team GORGIE saw the need and got to work. If we were to dream up our ideal energy drink, what would it look like? Cue: the most insane brainstorming sessions you’ve ever seen. We’ll spare you the details, but you can imagine basically an olympic sized swimming pool filled with rainbow post-it notes and a bunch of women laughing so hard they cry. With maybe some margaritas thrown in for good measure.

Mood board featuring colorful pictures of women eating lollipops and text saying “Looking this good never tasted so good”

We settled on a few core tenets, taste good, feel good, look good. We want a drink we actually enjoy drinking, that makes us feel good afterwards, and looks good with us.

We want a drink that has flavors we know and love, that brings nostalgic vibes, goes down easy but sparkles to the touch, that can be enjoyed on it’s own but still fold seamlessly into a mixed bev. We want a drink that has benefits we crave for better brain health and skin health, but without needing to carry around a million supplements.

Back of GORGIE can listing the benefits, 150 milligrams of green tea caffeine, 0 sugar, L-theanine, Biotin, Vitamin B6 and B12

We want a drink for Monday morning motivation, 3pm pick me ups, workout rest and recovery, but also Saturday night dance parties. We want a drink that catches your eye on the shelf but also looks great in your Instagram.

Group of GORIGE cans on a table with champagne glasses.

We wanted something new and different to help all of our gorgeous humans live their best lives.

So we present to you, GORGIE.